Due To Popular Demand: A Midnight Visit’s 36-Room Immersive Experience Has Been Extended Until The End Of January

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artist as nurse performing as part of a midnight visit brisbane

The House Of Usher funerary services transformed a disused warehouse into an immersive, 36-room theatre experience filled to the brim with frights, laughs and all kinds of fantastical things. Titled A Midnight Visitthe experience has welcomed thousands of guests into his feverish dreamscape but just when we were beginning to think it all good things must come to an end, they have announced that the journey to the edge of madness will remain open until the end of January.

Take a trip in this wild realm of dreams and nightmares.aerial artist performing as part of a midnight visit brisbane

Inspired by the life and works of Edgar Allan PoeA Midnight Visit is a trip into the weird and sinister dreams of the legendary writer and poet. Populated by the major themes he worked with—death, regret and lost love—his stories speak to our core and come to life in this immersive event that has taken Brisbane by storm.actor part of a midnight visit brisbane

Visitors inside the experience will choose their own path through the cavernous warehouse as they encounter actors and performances, sound worlds, surreal playgrounds and mysterious scenes. Every detail has been impeccably constructed in this devilish maze of amazement. It will surprise, astound and enchant no matter how often you venture through its doors.  artist performing as part of a midnight visit brisbane in a ballpit

No two journeys are the same in the House of Usher, so choose wisely where you go next because there are secrets hiding all around you. Whether they spook or entertain might just be up to you, or not.

More than 10,000 people have experienced A Midnight Visit in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. And in Brisbane, thousands more have stepped into the dreamworld slash nightmare for a special theatre experience that is quite unlike anything else we have seen.

A Midnight Visit has been rated five stars by those who have emerged from inside the rambling space and ended up at The Raven’s Nest, the bespoke bar by Innocent Bystander, for a cocktail with a twist and a small bite if they could stomach it. The question is, can you?

Don’t miss out on A Midnight Visit—you might just torment yourself if you do.

“Is all that we see or seem,
But a dream within a dream?” 

—Find out what’s waiting for you on your next visit to The House of Usher.

A Midnight Visit: 5 Star Immersive Experience

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