Qantas Has Released Tickets For A New Scenic Antarctica Flight Travelling Early Next Year

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Qantas Has Released Tickets For A New Scenic Antarctica Flight Travelling Early Next Year

Aussies can once again explore the South Pole from the skies.

Qantas’ privately-chartered Antarctica Flights have not only resumed, but they’ve been selling out. Luckily, the airline has added a new 2022 date flying out of Brisbane.

With views like the one below, it’s hard to say no to going.

Having already flown the skies over the great expanse of snow and ice for 27 years, Qantas’ Antarctica Flights have upgraded their 747s to the new-and-improved 787 Dreamliners, meaning that intrepid explorers can spread out and take in the coastlines, mountains, glaciers, and the immense whiteness of the southernmost continent with much more space and comfort than ever before. There’s no other place in the world quite like it!

With nineteen routes available and flights departing from Australia’s five major cities, no two flights are the same. And since all flights return to the same city, this unique, bucket-list experience is classified as domestic so you won’t need to take your passport with you. (Or, worry about lockdowns in other states.)


Qantas has put in place extra health and safety protocols to ensure the well-being of everyone. These include temperature checks prior to boarding as well as personal packs handed to all flyers with a disposable mask, hand sanitiser, and disinfectant wipes, plus an extra headrest cover.

Wondering about the price?

Tickets start at $1199 in the Explorer Economy Class range but if you want guaranteed window views as well as all the trimmings to make a 14-hour return flight comfortable, you could be forking over $7999 for the Business Class Deluxe ticket.

However, and regardless of which ticket you purchase, all on board the flight will have the chance to meet Antarctic Explorers, experience live crosses to research stations, access to full bar service, and an explorer kit with which you can map out the up-to four hours of Antarctic viewing you will experience.

It’s not every day you get the chance to fly over Antarctica, the world’s driest continent.

Check out Antarctica Flights for more info and tickets.

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