James Street Has A New Italian Joint But This One Is All About The Aperitivo · Bar Tano

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James Street Has A New Italian Joint But This One Is All About The Aperitivo · Bar Tano

Bar Tano takes inspiration from Milan and one of its greatest exports—the aperitivo.

Aperitivo hour is not happy hour. Although the two have been used interchangeably in recent times, the two are not synonymous. The latter is all about drink specials and taking advantage of them while the former is a socialising ritual first and foremost. It’s a time to get together with friends after work, have a chat over a drink and a snack to open your appetite.

In Bar Tano, which opened on Wednesday 15 September, owners James and Alec Carney of the Gemelli Group and Italian restaurant Gemelli Italian said that they wanted a bar reminiscent of their beloved haunts in Italy as well as the true expression of the Italian socialising ritual.

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”Italy has such a rich culture and we’re incredibly passionate about bringing that to Australia in a way that respects our heritage and the customs we love. Bar Tano is a chance to escape reality and transport yourself to the piazzas of Milan with a delicious cocktail in hand,” they said.

The interior of Bar Tano is a mix of wood contrasting with green marble making for a space that is at once elegant and moody. The polished concrete and opulent mirrors further the allure and create an atmosphere perfect for sitting for long hours with friends and drinks in hand.

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Typically, the bar is stocked with a large range of Italian wines. But then there is the head bartender Fabrizio Del Re who blends his imagination and expertise to create classic Italian cocktails using traditional techniques—Aperol Spritz and Negroni—as well as a number of bespoke drinks which you’re going to want to try.


For example, there is the Drive Me Nuts, a blend of the Negroni and Old Fashioned, Better Than Butter, a buttery twist on the classic whiskey sour, and the Martini Express featuring Bar Tano’s housemade aged coffee liqueur.

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Bar Tano isn’t just great drinks. You’ll also find a selection of salumi and cheese to snack on while you while away the hours. You can also expect to see Italian entrées on the menu as well with ricotta dip, burrata, gnocco fritto and polpettini.

Bar Tano is now open from 3pm to late on Wednesday and Thursday and 12pm to late on Friday to Sunday.

Find Bar Tano at 15 James Street, Fortitude Valley

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