Due To Popular Demand You Can Still Try This Butter Chicken Lasagna

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz - Staff Writer

Due To Popular Demand You Can Still Try This Butter Chicken Lasagna

Butter Chicken and lasagna unite in this surprising combo.

Of all the things you didn’t know you wanted to try until you tried it, Botero House’s Butter Chicken Lasagna might be at the very top of your list. But just like its truffle cappuccino, this menu item has been a hit and the people want more.

Announced last week as part of Botero House’s lockdown menu, which also included a crab lasagne and a mushroom and truffle lasagne as well as Pumpkin Gnocchi, the Butter Chicken Lasagna has received rave reviews and due to popular demand it is staying on the menu but only until this Friday.

The fusion dish is rich and creamy, lightly spiced but big on taste. And the layers of pasta, chicken tikka and butter masala sauce with cheese combine for an incredible explosion of flavour. You’re going to have to try it to believe it.


The Butter Chicken Lasagne will be available in-store at Botero House as well as for takeaway and will be on the menu until this Friday 13 August.

You can order online via their website and pick-up at 258 Adelaide Street.

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