The Brisbane Ice Cream Festival Has New Dates And Will Release More (Free) Tickets

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The Brisbane Ice Cream Festival Has New Dates And Will Release More (Free) Tickets

More money for ice cream!

The insanely popular Brisbane Ice Cream Festival had to be postponed in March due to wild weather. But we’ve gotten word that they’ve finally set new dates! And in even better news, they’re going to release more registrations/tickets. (Featured image: Supplied)

On Saturday, April 17 and Sunday, April 18, West Village will be transformed into a wonderland of ice cream in all of its forms with all of its toppings and then some. However, we’re not sure if the soon-to-be-opened registration will include the very special evening session sprinkled with stars.

To find out, you’ll need to head to the Brisbane Ice Cream Festival website at 9am on Wednesday, April 14.

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From the traditional gelato to ice cream rolls and sandwiches, even the divisive spider and ice cream copycats (we’re looking at you, frozen yoghurt), ice cream vendors will be treating fans of the frozen dessert to as much as they can possibly consume in their allotted time.

The festival, like the ice creams themselves, will be loaded with extras. There will be live entertainment to watch and enjoy as you (attempt to) ensure no ice cream melts onto the floor, a pop-up bar to grab drinks from to help cleanse your palate and prime you for another round, and an array of themed photo opportunities to showcase your love for the chilled and cheeky treat.


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Although entry is free, pre-registration to one of the seven two-hour sessions is a must for council crowd-control reasons and to ensure COVID-safe compliance for the event.

On Saturday, sessions run from 11am to 7pm, with the first and only twilight session starting at 5pm. On Sunday, the two-hour sessions will begin at 11am and end at 5pm. Those without registration will not be permitted entry.

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To register your participation at one of this year’s Brisbane Ice Cream Festival sessions, see here.

For more info on the festival, head over to the website.

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