Woolies Is Slinging Caramilk Hot Cross Buns Almost Four Months Before Easter

Jordan Clayden-Lewis Jordan Clayden-Lewis

caramilk hot cross buns

Just when we thought Australia was a complete and utter disaster right now, Woolworths has come to save the day. Or rather—our sweet cravings—with Caramilk hot cross buns. Caramilk chocolate has been a cult favourite in Australia over the past few years. So we guess it was only a matter of time before Woolies teamed up with Cadbury to bring us the god-tier caramel-y goods. Who said you had to wait until Easter to indulge in these sweet treats either? You can snag some now!

These Caramilk hot cross buns are just $4.50 for a four-pack and are available are Woolies as of Wednesday this week, for a limited time only. The sweet treats come just one day after Coles started selling Vegemite-flavoured hot cross buns. And to be fair, both are most welcome. It’s great to see the hot cross bun diversity coming from Australia’s supermarket giants. Especially since a lot of people aren’t fond of the original fruit hot cross buns.


From what we’ve seen, the Caramilk hot cross buns are best served warm and slathered in butter. Just like you would any other hot cross bun.

Find out if your local Woolworths supermarket is selling them here.


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