It’s On This Winter With 10-Cent Chicken Wings, $2 Tacos And Soft-Drink Flavoured Margaritas · El Camino Cantina

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It’s On This Winter With 10-Cent Chicken Wings, $2 Tacos And Soft-Drink Flavoured Margaritas · El Camino Cantina

El Camino Cantina’s cult following is only going to get bigger this winter.

El Camino Cantina is all about the Margaritas. Earlier in the year, they held a Hottest 100 Ritas competition to find the people’s favourite with Mango, Watermelon, Passionfruit, and Grape Nerd coming out on top. But these favourites might have some stiff competition next year as El Camino Cantina have announced a new range of Rita flavours which are sure to be popular.

The Not So Soft Drink series of frozen Ritas include odes to Pasito, Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew and Kirk’s creamy soda. These will be available at all ten El Camino Cantina venues across the country and can be served in both 15-ounce and 25-ounce glasses, topped with a float of Grand Marnier, or in tasting paddles so you can sample all four flavours at once. You can even get them in two-litre margarita towers to really get the party started.

However, these four flavours are only half of the Not So Soft Drink series which is completed by Sunkist, ginger beer and pub squash flavours. These limited-edition flavours, though, are only available El Camino Cantina’s flagship venues in The Rocks Sydney or at South Bank Brisbane.

These flavours will be available every day from 1 June to 1 August, but that’s not all that’s happening at El Camino Cantina throughout winter. Not at all. Joining in on the party is the King of the Wing Festival where, over the same period of time, the crew at El Camino Cantina will be cooking up ten new chicken flavours which will be on rotation each week.

You’ll be able to match your soft-drink Rita with flavours like salt & vinegar, mango habanero, nachos cheese, teriyaki and afterburner, which we’re assuming is the hot one. A basket of wings will normally set you back about $18 and is served with blue-cheese mayo but if you’re feeling a bit tight on cash, then head along on Wednesday because on Wednesdays the wings are just ten cents a pop. All you need to do is buy a drink to access the offer.


But, what about the $2 tacos?

We hear you, we hear you.

To get your hands on a $2 taco, you need to hit up El Camino Cantina on a Tuesday and, once again, order a drink to access the cheap taco deal. Unfortunately, not all of El Camino Cantina’s taco range is available as part of the offer, but we don’t really care when we can be scoffing down five tacos for just $10. That’s a win in our books.

However, to really go for the gold standard, upgrade to El Camino’s best-selling Cadillac tacos ($4 each).

For more info on El Camino Cantina’s special offers, check out their website.

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