Find Out How To Fake A Murderer In This Unreal True-Crime Comedy-Horror Immersive Experience

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When filmmakers Adam and Stu discover disturbing footage of a murderous-sounding man online, they think they can jump onto the true-crime genre bandwagon and make a killing. However, not everything is as it seems as they embark on their filmmaking quest to find the man in the video, and what’s real and what’s not becomes distorted. Now, thanks to Radioactive Cinema, you too can dive deep into the ‘Faking A Murderer’ film in Brisbane with a unique cinema event with parallels to the film but its own elaborate plot.

Can you uncover the truth of Faking A Murderer before the final scene hits the screen?interactive scene for faking a murderer where man is sitting at end of the table holding a chess piece

‘Faking A Murderer’ is an unreal true-crime comedy-horror film released in 2020 and with it our lust for the genre has come full circle. It is to true-crime what Scary Movie was to horror films but it takes cues from Borat to deliver a film—at times hilarious and also frightening—that does actually leave you guessing and asking, Is this actually real?

For the most part, the answer is, Yes. What you’re seeing on screen is real and these events actually happened—the reactions are true. It’s just that where the fiction line is drawn is not clear at all and it is up to the viewer to decide. It is this blurry distinction that makes ‘Faking A Murderer’ the perfect film to turn into an immersive and interactive experience with its own actors, crucial details and plot twists.interactive scene of faking a murderer event in brisbane showing young woman and man in front of audience

Baedeker in Brisbane is the setting of Radioactive Cinema’s unique insight into the inner workings of the film, which has been described as ”a clever, crazed combination of the two genres” as well as one that is ”both grounded and completely off the rails”—a feature that the interactive element of this cinema event captures within the walls of its makeshift reformation institute for serial killers.

The elegant, period vibe of the bar will only add to the mystery where the audience gets the chance to become part of the story and determine if what they’re experiencing is real or a hoax, and whether or not they go along with the plan or not. Pay attention.Man sitting with elbow on his chin in beer garden part of the interactive faking a murderer experience

Radioactive Cinema’s ‘Faking A Murderer’ Interactive Cinema Experience happens on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings beginning on November 9. Tickets to the 2.5-hour cinema special event include the screening of the unreal true-crime film as well as the immersive element. Choose from front-row VIP lounge seating in Baedeker or GA—both come with complimentary popcorn. Drinks are also available at the bar.

Come along to Baedeker for a wild ride where truth and fiction merge.

Uncover the truth below.

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