A Hotel Where Guests Dine Next To Giraffes Is Set To Open In The UK

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A Hotel Where Guests Dine Next To Giraffes Is Set To Open In The UK

This is a dream come true.

This might be the ultimate weekend getaway for any animal lover. In a one-of-a-kind UK venture, guests at this new hotel will have the chance to dine with some unique guests. It will be the first of its kind in the western hemisphere. [Featured image: Aspinall Foundation].

Giraffe Hall at Port Lympne Hotel in Kent has already garnered huge interest in its proposed plan. A whopping 9,000 people have signed up to be on the waiting list before doors have even opened.

Image: Aspinall Foundation

Luxury cabins at the hotel lie within a 15th century listed building. But the best part, of course, is the view of the animals wandering around the nature reserve outdoors. These include giraffes, wolves and lions. Think we’ll ease ourselves in with the view of the happy, relaxed giraffes to begin with, thanks…

In fact, the giraffes will be the closest you’ll get to the animals. They inhabit space by the great hall and are said to often saunter over by the windows to see what the state of play with us mere humans is. They even might just poke their gigantic neck through the lofted windows to say hello!


Image: Aspinall Foundation

The hall is divided up into 5 pods which in total have a capacity of 40 people. This reserve is run by the Aspinall Foundation, which have previously offered overnight experiences like the Lion Lodge – windows in a cabin that opens out into a lion enclosure.

Prices have not yet been revealed for this beautiful experience, but the luxury accommodation, as well as on-site-restaurants, have been confirmed. Be sure to reserve your spot on the hefty waiting list if this news excites you!

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