Skipper You And Your Mates Down The Brisbane River On These Electric Boats

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Skipper You And Your Mates Down The Brisbane River On These Electric Boats

Direct from Denmark, GoBoats have now landed on the Brisbane River.

How many times have you been crossing the bridge over the Brisbane River just to see a group of friends—not yours—down below in a boat and thought to yourself, Gee—that looks like fun. But, then you’ve kept on walking and forgotten about it because you neither have a boat or a boating license. (Featured image: goboatbrisbane)

Well, no boat and no boating license is no longer a problem! 

Having just arrived in Brisbane, GoBoat is the newest and easiest way for you and your friends to enjoy time on the water. The boats—constructed from fibreglass, which uses recycled PET bottles instead of virgin glass—are powered by an electric motor and have a top speed of seven kilometres per hour.

This means that you don’t need a license to skipper them and anyone over the age of eighteen can be captain for a day.

Quiet and fitted out with a picnic table in the middle, GoBoats can seat up to eight people as well as your dog. Just keep in mind that if they jump into the river, that’s on you.

While GoBoat’s permanent site is built at Breakfast Creek, Newstead, you will be beginning your voyage upstream from Dockside where you’ll be able to hit the water for anywhere between one-to-three hours.


In that time you’ll cruise past other boats and ferries, past the Power House, and if you haven’t pulled up anywhere for a picnic, under a bridge or two. To make it to Story Bridge, you’ll need a booking of at least two hours ($189 per boat).

If you do decide to have a picnic, the good news is that you can bring your own food and drink. That’s right, drink too. However, the skipper must remain sober while everyone else is limited to two drinks each. Even still, we think that’s pretty sweet for an afternoon out on the water.

For safety purposes, each boated has a GPS tracker on board as well as a remote cut-off switch. So don’t be getting any funny ideas, otherwise, you might be heading home without the security deposit you left behind.

Book a GoBoat today and chart your own course down the Brisbane River. Gift cards are also available.

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$109-$229 per boat (max 8 people)
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