On Wednesdays We’re Craving Whiskey And Cheese Toasties From Grape Therapy

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On Wednesdays We’re Craving Whiskey And Cheese Toasties From Grape Therapy

Sign us up for cheese toasties paired with whiskey every Wednesday.

At first, it might sound like Grape Therapy, the downstairs wine merchant and drinking den on Adelaide Street, has gone off the rails pairing whiskey with cheese toasties but there are just some combinations of food and drink you just have to try before dismissing.

Besides, individually they’re great. So, why not together? To find out for yourself, all you have to do is book in and head along to Grape Therapy on a Wednesday from 6pm.

Every week a new whiskey is featured by Grape Therapy. So, one week you could actually be pairing a whisky from any one of the six scotch-making regions of Scotland with your hot, gooey, and delicious cheese toastie. And the next, you could even be sipping on a dram of Japanese whiskey. Perhaps even one from closer to home.

No matter where it’s from though, it’s going to be a drop that brings out the best in the most humble of toasties

But these cheese toasties aren’t all that humble. These piping hot cheese toasties are made with the likes of Truffle Pecorino, Smoked Gouda, Prosciutto di San Daniele and other such gourmet cheese. They are pockets of flavour exploding in your mouth that hit another level when paired with either the malty, sweet, spicy, or peaty goodness of the featured whiskey.

You’ll also get to learn all about the style, distillery or region of a showcased whiskey so you know exactly what you’re drinking and why this tipple pairs perfectly with that cheese toastie. That is if drinking whiskey and eating cheese toasties is not enough for you.

If you need more than one whiskey and one cheese toastie to satiate your evening craving and get you through to Thursday, then Grape Therapy will pour you another dram and toast you up another hot toastie for less than what you paid for the first round.

It’s the perfect after-work drinks combo and we can’t get enough. You now know where we’ll be on Wednesday evenings.

Grab a ticket below for next Wednesday and try the whiskey and cheese toastie pairing for yourself.

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