The Second ‘Making Of Harry Potter’ Theme Park Will Only Be A Nine-Hour Flight From Brisbane

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The Second ‘Making Of Harry Potter’ Theme Park Will Only Be A Nine-Hour Flight From Brisbane

Set to open in early 2023, the Warner Bros Studio Tour Tokyo will be modeled after the successful London edition.


There is no escape from Harry Potter. Voldemort found this out to his peril and, almost twenty years after the first movie was released, we’re still transfixed by every bit of Potter news or paraphernalia that comes our way.

From potion classes for mature-aged students to orchestral renditions of the movies and online portals for children to explore, it is clear that the magic is still in the air. But when it comes to the movies, the real magic happens in production, i.e., behind the scenes.

To help spread and distribute the magic around the world, Warner Bros. Studios in collaboration with Warner Bros. Japan, Seibu Railway Co Ltd, ITOCHU Corporation and Fuyo General Lease Co Ltd, have announced that the second The Making Of Harry Potter Studio Tour will open in Tokyo and will offer the experiential entertainment that Harry Potter fans on this side of the world have been missing.

Taking over part of the 94-year-old Toshimaen Amusement Park in Nerima Ward, the newest mecca for all things HP will feature many of the now-iconic movie sets that were actually designed and built by the creators of the Harry Potter series. Along with original costumes and props on display, visitors will be able to experience scenes from the films firsthand and discover how the world’s favorite book series was brought to life on the screen. Now, that’s magical.


To get around, though, you’ll be wishing for a broomstick since the 30,000-square-metre site will take visitors approximately half a day to walk around. It includes a ‘Sound Stage’ as well as a ‘Backlot’ and, although not technically part of the theme park, there will also be a landscaped garden peppered with statues of mythical creatures from the HP and Fantastic Beasts series.

The first Studio Tour, as you know, is in London and since 2012 it has welcomed over 14 million visitors.

To get a better idea of what to expect in Tokyo, take a gander at The Secret London Guide To The Harry Potter Studio Tour.

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