Heston And Grill’d Have Teamed Up To Create A Limited-Edition, Plant-Based Burger

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Heston And Grill’d Have Teamed Up To Create A Limited-Edition, Plant-Based Burger

Less than 4000 burgers are available.

Do you ever feel a bit guilty when you’re eating a good, meaty burger? Well, Michelin star chef Heston Blumenthal has teamed up with Grill’d to create a burger that you can eat guilt-free. Instead of using meat, he’s created four excellent burgers made out of mushroom Fable patties.

These burgers may be vegetarian, but the patties are packed with flavour and somehow deliciously meaty. One of these burgers is a limited-edition, off-the-menu experience that will set you back $35.

The Heston Fable Burger

Picture this. You’re sitting at Grill’d, waiting for your meal, and out comes a mysterious cloche filled with smoke. You lift the cloche, and inside is a Heston Fable Burger.

This limited-edition burger features a plant-based, mushroom patty. Between a buttery, brioche bun, you will find hoisin glazed tofu, julienned carrots, cucumber, fresh slaw and hoisin sauce. This burger is paired with chips and a white miso mayo. You will also get your choice of drink. Choose a local beer, a premium wine or a non-alcoholic beverage.

This is an exclusive burger experience that requires a reservation. It is only available for two weeks, from August 15 to August 29. Less than 4000 burgers are available across Australia and you can only find it in select stores.

You can try this $35 experience at Grill’d Carindale or Wintergarden.


Click here to make a reservation.

The Fable Burgers

For something on the menu, there are three other burgers at Grill’d to choose from.

The Fable Truffle will give you flavours packed with umami, thanks to its truffle mayo, aged cheddar and fresh basil. Meanwhile, the Fable Southern BBQ will give you a mix of sweet and savoury, with a plum barbecue sauce and cabbage slaw. Finally, there’s the Fable Spicy Cheeseburger, which includes Spanish onion, dill pickles and Heston’s spicy tomato sauce.

All of these burgers include the Fable patty, which is packed with nutrients and made from natural ingredients, including shiitake mushrooms.

Read more about the burger collaboration between Heston and Grill’d here.

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