The New Longest Train Journey In The World Has Been Revealed

Jordan Clayden-Lewis Jordan Clayden-Lewis

a photo of a woman on a train in paris
Last week, Qantas announced that they’ll be launching Australia’s first direct flight route to Europe in June year, just in time for the European summer. The new Sydney-Perth-Rome flights will be a game-changer for Australian travellers wanting to jet off to Europe in 2022. And to keep us all keen on the prospect of international travel next year, the new longest train journey in the world has been reported, revealing that you can now travel from Portugal to Singapore via train, making it the longest train journey on the planet.


According to rail blogger Mark Smith, A.K.A The Man in Seat 61, the 18,755 km rail trip takes a whopping 21 days to complete but will take you through popular tourist destinations such as Paris, Moscow, Beijing, and Bangkok. Even though you have to change trains a fair few times, it’s a great way to hop on and off to visit multiple continents.

an aerial photo of a train line in portugal
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This ultimate train ride starts in Lagos, Portugal. However, since next year’s direct flights from Australia to Rome sound ever-so inviting, you could always jet off to Rome and join the train line somewhere close to there (Paris perhaps?) and then book a cheap flight from Singapore back home to Australia. All COVID-dependent of course.


The Portugal to Singapore journey only recently became the world’s longest train journey because of a new rail line between Laos and China.