A Cheeky Night Out Featuring ‘Magic’ Male Dancers Is Coming To Brisbane

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz - Staff Writer

A Cheeky Night Out Featuring ‘Magic’ Male Dancers Is Coming To Brisbane

Girls just want to have fun.

And, really, what’s more fun than being entertained by a parade of men with ripped torsos and bulging biceps dancing on stage? They want hip thrusts, body rolls, props, tricks and for the men to rip, strip and reveal. These women want the Magic Men and the Magic Men are more than happy to strut their stuff on stage.

Magic Men are Australia’s best male dancers and their shows serve up a heart-racing and sweat-inducing spectacle. From the hunky stars in their eye-catching costumes to the gorgeous waiters, who will be serving you a glass of sparkling on arrival and carrying around complimentary finger food for you to bite down on in the case it all gets a bit much, this is one cheeky show that is not for the prudish.

All the men ooze charm and, according to their Google reviews, are an ”absolute blast”, but are also ”friendly”, ”very polite, professional and respectful” as well as ”so lovely”. They give incredible performances utilising all the tools at their disposal to whip audiences up into a wild storm of oohs, arghhs and woos.

One after the other, and with some performing in duos, these boys will have you screaming. And some lucky ladies might even get the opportunity to join these Adonis-like gentlemen on stage where they’ll be treated with all the care in the world and experience what it’s like to be the centre of everyone’s attention. There’s even time to mingle and dance throughout the night!

You will find Feel The Magic at Birdies on Saturday nights starting from Saturday September 11. So, if you’re looking for a cheeky night out, you now know where to go as this is one show that might just tickle you pink. And then some.

Want to see and know more, check out their website, or take a peek at their Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

Get your tickets for the hottest night in town below.

Feel The Magic: Magic Men Live

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