The Symphonic Tribute To Metallica Has Been Forced To Reschedule Until January

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The Symphonic Tribute To Metallica Has Been Forced To Reschedule Until January

Metallica Orchestrated: The George Ellis Orchestra fuses with Damage Inc.

Update: Metallica Orchestrated was due to perform in October but due to border closures and restrictions, the show has been rescheduled for Saturday 15 January.

While Down Under Metallica fans got to relive decades of hits when S&Mwas released in theatres in 2019, the main event was always going to be Metallica touring Australia that same year. But then fans were left with only the lingering smell of buttery popcorn when the tour was cancelled. Sad but true.

Although nothing will compare to seeing Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammet and Trujillo live, Australia’s best Metallica tribute band Damage Inc will, for now, help turn the page by joining forces with The George Ellis Symphony Orchestra to relive three decades worth of Metallica classics in an explosive two-hour-plus show at the Eatons Hill Hotel.

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Like a moth to flame, Damage Inc are hardwired into Metallica’s sweet amber fuel to ride the lightning, and they’ve done the devil’s dance wherever they roamed since they first hit the road back in 2004. The boys from Sydney don’t just hit the lights when they perform, they jump in the fire, spit out the bones and keep the Metallica flame burning hard until it fades to black.

Soon to be performing again with George Ellis and his 24-piece Symphony Orchestra, they’ll go through the never for a special tribute to the inspired fusion of Symphony and Metal, which Metallica showed to be a brilliant medley and a new perspective on their classics.

George Ellis —conductor, composer and musical arranger—has made a career of combining symphony orchestras with popular artists. From Lou Reed to The Church, Sneaky Sound System to Clare Bowditch, his musical knowledge and skill has helped open up new dimensions.

He’s also no stranger to the big stage, conducting like mama said the opening of the Sydney Olympics and taking his orchestra around Australia performing for Hans Zimmer’s national tour.

It’s been more than a decade since Metallica toured Australia and more than two decades since the release of S&M, the first coming together of the metal band with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, but the memory remains. And there’ll be no better way to live this year than by seeing Metallica Orchestrated live. (Unless Metallica does come Down Under this year.) Otherwise, prepare to… miss out.

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