5 Ramen Restaurants In Brisbane Where Slurping Is Unavoidable

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5 Ramen Restaurants In Brisbane Where Slurping Is Unavoidable

These Brisbane restaurants serve up ramen that is truly ‘oishii’ (delicious).

It’s winter and the rain and cloudy, sometimes grey, skies have arrived, which has got us thinking of ramen because, well, it’s delicious and the perfect seasonal pick-me-up.

With so many unique varieties and combinations of broth, tare (seasoning), noodles and toppings, there’s a taste and flavour to satisfy every palate as well. And while a trip to Japan to slurp on a bowl of ramen would certainly be memorable, Brisbane has quite a few ramen restaurants serving up their own tasty variations of the iconic Japanese dish that really does the city proud.

Try them all to find your favourite because we can’t quite decide which is best, which is actually another way of saying let’s go eat some more.

1. Genkotsu Ramen, Toowong and Runcorn

Variety is the spice of life and if you’ve been to Genkotsu Ramen then you know exactly what we’re talking about.

At Genkotsu, the menu offers diners twelve broths to choose from—originals, specials and some in-between—that have been brewed for half a day while their eggs have been marinating overnight. Then, add all the toppings you like and go to town slurping your ramen away.

If you’re a bit tight for cash, get broth and noodles for just $5.

Find Genkotsu Ramen at Shop E51 Sherwood Road, Toowong, and 25/258 Warrigal Road, Runcorn.

2. Men Ya Go, CBD

Continuing with the idea that the more the merrier Men Ya Go’s ramen menu is stacked. The classics are there like the Shoyu Tonkotsu with thick and creamy pork broth but then they’ve also got a handful of other variations that are perfect for the more curious of us. Or, you could make your own if you don’t feel like choosing from one of the twelve already on the menu.

If you need extra noodles, don’t be afraid to ask and if you’re a student, head to Men Ya Go after 2pm for 10% off your ramen bowl.

Find Men Ya Go at Shop 4 123 Albert Street and Central Plaza 1, Shop 2/345 Queen Street.

3. Hakataya Ramen, Multiple Locations

You don’t need to go to a restaurant to get some of the best ramens in Brisbane. Nope. All you need to do is head to a food court in one of many shopping centres around town because Hakataya Ramen makes some of the slurpiest broth anywhere. Their pork bone broth is simmered for 48 hours (48 hours!) and, as they say, carefully skimming out the scum to extract the flavour that has made them so popular.


If you see a line, hop in it. It moves quickly.

Find Hakataya Ramen at Chermside, Myer Centre Shop, Queen Street Mall, Sunnybank Plaza and Market Square, Garden City Shopping Centre, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre and Warrigal Square Shopping Centre.

4. Ramen Danbo, Three Locations

The first Ramen Danbo opened in 2000 overseas in the town of Chikushino on the southern island of Japan. Since then it has grown and spread across Japan and then around the world including to Brisbane, obviously. Actually, nowhere else in Australia is lucky enough to have a Ramen Danbo store.

Their broth is made onsite using high-quality pork bones and treated water because that’s how serious they take making ramen. Other than that, it’s a no frills approach to their ramen that win you over and no matter which ramen you choose—classic, miso, shoyu plus a few more as well as vegan and vegetarian options—you will be delighted.

Find Ramen Danbo at A4 G1, 52 Merivale Street South Brisbane; Shop 4/22 Gowan Road Sunnybank Hills; and Shop 3, 38 Wharf Street, Ground Floor, Student One Wharf Street, Brisbane City

5. Taro’s Ramen, Multiple Locations

Is Taro’s Ramen the best in Brisbane? Many would say, yes. Is it the best in Australia? There’s a devout following that would stake a pretty penny on it, or at least that’s the vibe you get when enthusiasts speak of its superior broth.

At Taro’s Ramen, the Tonkotsu broth is made rich and creamy by using Bangalow Sweetpork picked up from the local butcher and stacked with flavour by adding black garlic oil and squid ink as well as char siu, nori and shallots. As per usual, you also get a boiled egg.

There are plenty of vegan options on the menu as well, so everyone can get in on the broth. And Taro’s Ramen also does DIY home packs meant for two. Winning.

If you’re heading in, double-check opening times.

Find Taro’s Ramen in the CBD at Level 2, 480 Queen Street; in South Brisbane at 154 Melbourne Street; in Ascot at 145 Racecourse Road; in Stone’s Corner at 16 Old Cleveland Road.

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