Just Some Of Our Favourite Responses To “Tell Me You’re From Brisbane Without…”

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Just Some Of Our Favourite Responses To “Tell Me You’re From Brisbane Without…”

There are some things you only know if you’ve lived in Brisbane for so long.

We wanted to know what makes Brisbane Brisbane. So, we put the feeler out on Facebook the other day, and on Instagram a while back, to get the lowdown from you, our followers and readers, in the form of “Tell Me You’re From Brisbane Without Telling Me You’re From Brisbane”.

For those that didn’t see it or actively refrain from reading the comments section on social media, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite responses.

Referring to Suncorp Stadium as Lang Park

Meet me outside Hungry Jacks

Tops in the Myer Centre is dearly missed


Saying, “I think it’s going to snow.” when it gets below 20 degrees

I’ve been kicked out of the R.E. on a Wednesday more than once


Are you north or south side?

Where did you go to school?



Milton Mangoes

Catching the Citycat

Nights out

Expo 88 and The Underground!!!

Dooley’s, Friday’s and HM’s every weekend oh and Mary St

Victory Hotel Friday night, Caxton Hotel Saturday night, The Barracks Sunday night.

Alices and the Criterion on Adelaide St

Jeans and a nice top on a night out at the Regatta, The Jube at Ekka time

The hammo after the races


Dinner out no later than 7:30 and home by 9

Everyone is home in bed by 9pm

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