A Marvellously Magical Chocolate Factory Is Coming To Brisbane

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz - Staff Writer

actor performing at the chocolate factory interactive experience

Remember that feeling of stepping into a candy shop as a child? Your eyes lighting up at the multicoloured swirls of giant lollies, nostrils flaring with the smell of freshly-made chocolate, and tongue tingling and lips being licked at just the thought of eating all your favourite sweets. Well, The Chocolate Factory is coming to Brisbane to help take you back to those fond memories.

This wondrous experience takes you into an amazing world of lollies and sweets, providing limitless selfie opportunities and plenty of delicious treats along the way.

Buy your tickets now for the sweetest experience coming to town.actor performing at the chocolate factory interactive experience

Inside The Chocolate Factory, you’ll discover a sweet-filled paradise that seems like it has been plucked straight from the sugar-fuelled imagination of a child. One moment you will be Hansel and Gretel as you wander among giant gingerbread houses, then you will be throwing yourself head-first into a fluorescent ball pit, hiding behind jumbo cupcakes, and feeling sky-high in Cloudland.

This is all before stepping onto The Chocolate Factory floor, where you will be able to eat some of the fantastic treats you’ve seen along the way. Think lollipops, chocolates, gummy bears and more. You’ll also get the low-down on how chocolate is made from your host because, after all, you are inside The Chocolate Factory.

Kaleidoscopic and captivating photo opportunities abound in every room so you’ll want to have your camera at the ready, especially if you’re keen on sprinkling your social media feed with an extra dose of sweetness. There are interactive games too, which you’ll be able to play for a chance to earn ingredients for a special treat. And don’t forget to have a bounce on the cupcake trampoline either in the free-roam area.

The Chocolate Factory has already taken London and Madrid by storm, and Brisbane is next in line to experience this unique wonderland of delectable delights when it opens on Thursday 17 February 2022 at Toombul Shopping Centre

Whether it’s a nostalgic trip through the world of candy, an excuse for a sweet photo session, or a day out with the kids, The Chocolate Factory gives you a chance to indulge.

The Chocolate Factory: Step Into a World of Sweets!

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