Tickets To The Immersive, Multi-Sensorial Van Gogh Alive Experience Are Now On Sale

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Tickets To The Immersive, Multi-Sensorial Van Gogh Alive Experience Are Now On Sale

Van Gogh Alive has toured 50 cities around the world and become the most visited multi-sensory art experience to date. In its wake, it has dispelled the traditional way of seeing art and brought to the world such an experience that envelopes the audience in sight, sound, and smell.

The masterpieces of the Dutch post-impressionist painter—think The Starry Night, Sunflowers and over 3000 more images—now swirl, sway and soar, drawing the public in as they are digitally displayed on giant screens, columns, walls, the ceiling, and even the floor.

Now, Grande Experiences—the team behind the immersive exhibition as well as The Lume in Melbourne and the permanent Museo Leonardo da Vinci in Rome—has announced that the state-of-the-art exhibition will be touring Australia. And tickets to Brisbane’s exhibition are now on sale.

What To Expect at Van Gogh Alive

A specially-built venue measuring a huge 25,000 square-feet and designed by Australian Anna Cordingley will house the experience. Visitors will be able to wander through the space, choosing their own paths, as detailed images of famous artworks are projected all around.

The vibrant colours and vivid details of Van Gogh’s technique and style will be made visible in never-before-seen detail and will also be accompanied by a classical soundtrack that helps interpret the thoughts, feelings and intentions of the master painter.

Visitors will get to explore the nooks and crannies of the exhibitio. They will also be immersed in many of the sites of Van Gogh’s inspiration with fragrances specifically designed to evoke the setting of the paintings.

Prior to the immersive exhibition, though, visitors will pass through the Interpretative Area where important information about the experience will be offered as well as insights into the life and works of Vincent Van Gogh so that your journey can be rich and rewarding.


Furthermore, visitors will be able to step into a life-sized representation of the ‘Van Gogh’s Bedroom’ as well as snap a selfie in the Immersive Sunflower Room.

Experience Vincent Van Gogh, and art in general, in a way you never have before. Van Gogh Alive is so much more than what you have already seen online.

Van Gogh Alive opens on October 29.

Get your tickets here.

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