What Advice Would You Give Someone Moving To Brisbane?

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What Advice Would You Give Someone Moving To Brisbane?

We love Brisbane.

From the sun to the people and the parks, beaches and city streets, there are plenty of reasons why others look to Brisbane with envy and consider, at least once or twice, that making the move here is the right thing to do.

But just like with any city, there are things you’d want to or like to know before making the move. And the only people capable of knowing what those things are are Brisbanites themselves. So, we put it to our readers and asked If you could give someone moving to Brisbane one piece of advice, what would it be?

As usual, the answers varied and were hilarious. Others were on the money and there was also, obviously, the South vs North divide in the comments.

How to be a local (or not)

Practice walking and talking slower.

Laughing at the idiots who rug up when it’s 20C out never gets old…

The essential

Buy or rent a place with air con!

Must have a car… 1 hrs drive in any direction.

Learn peak hour traffic patterns.

Explore from the river on the city cats.

When to move

Come after the Olympics


Don’t expect to live near a beach, live near a train line

Rent first and make sure you don’t hate the area you move to.. Large parts of SEQ are like Minto / Frankston.


It takes at least 6 years to get used to the humidity.

Dont expect to see heritage listed stuff it disapears as soon as govt can sell.

Not every sushi place is good…despite their vast numbers.

Beware the bin chickens

Unless they’re your friend, avoid eye contact for more than ten seconds. Especially in the valley.

Are you truly ready in your soul for the kitchen to be closed at 8?


The only thing more affordable here is real estate, and even that’s catching up.

Please don’t. We’ve got enough affordable housing problems.

Most importantly

Accept it and don’t try to change it…

Dont drink xxxx

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