How To Make Someone From Brisbane Angry

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How To Make Someone From Brisbane Angry

We asked and you answered.

Last week we asked you to tell us that you are from Brisbane without telling us you are from Brisbane. It was a good laugh and we had fun reading your responses so we decided to put another call out in the hope of reading more cracking answers.

So, we asked ‘In five words or less, how do you make someone from Brisbane angry?’

Ask and you shall receive, they say. And receive we did. Although some answers are more than five words, we’ve rounded up some of our favourites.

Read them and tell us if you agree.

Brisbane is…

Just a big country town

Say something like…

Peakhour prang on Storey Bridge

Insult the Story Bridge

It gets cold in Brisbane

Bris Vegas

Northside is better than Southside

Dry heat’s worse than humid

Don’t you love the traffic?

How great Campbell Newman was


Potato cake

Bad coffee


How are the Broncos doing?

State of Origin game one

Daylight Savings confuses cows?


By not sticking left unless overtaking

Turn up to a BBQ with a carton of VB

Be a pedestrian

Close boarders for Hamilton

PaLaSzCzUk LoOkEd AfTeR tHe StAtE

Are you angry?

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