You Can Experience Sky Castle And Airship Orchestra At Brisbane Festival On A Sunset Cruise

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You Can Experience Sky Castle And Airship Orchestra At Brisbane Festival On A Sunset Cruise

It’s an Art Boat cruising down the river!

Eness, the art and technology studio, will showcase its installations Sky Castle and Airship Orchestra on board a sunset cruise down the Brisbane River. Travelling between Northshore, Hamilton and South Bank, the floating art experience will also encompass a lively bar and performances as part of Brisbane Festival.

First up on the river cruise is Airship Orchestra (September 3-12), a collection of 20 inflatables representing ”a mystical tribe of otherworldly characters” who have travelled from afar to be here. Those who visit these travellers are drawn into their formation to experience the musical score (written for a 20-person choir) as light pulsates all around them.

The music is minimalist in style and allows visitors to form their own origin stories—where did this mystical tribe come from?—as they move around the installation. Just don’t be afraid if you find eyes following your every move.

Then, it’s Sky Castle’s turn (September 15-25) to take up prime position on the sunset cruise. The inflatable rainbow-coloured arches morph colours and emit xylophonic sounds as visitors pass beneath them to create a playground for big kids and little kids.


According to Eness, it’s the movement of people through the arches that ultimately powers them, progressing the soundscape and stimulating the colour changes, which is intended to evoke the joy and hope felt when seeing rainbows after the rain. So, you know the drill: walk, skip, jump and boogie your way under multicoloured lights and the music will play.

Eness’ colour and light installations will be joined by special guest appearances from Briefs Factory, Emma Dean, Gail Sorronda, Jaguar Jonze, Michelle Xen, Ngaiire, The Huxleys and Tom Thum. To see who will be performing on what night, check the Art Boat music schedule here.

The sunset and evening cruises take place from Thursday to Sunday. When one of the installations is not onboard Art Boat, then you can find it at Northshore alongside other contemporary artworks in the warehouse.

To book your cruise, see here.

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