Find All Your Coffee Favs With ‘Feind – A Digital Marketplace For Australian Coffee

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Find All Your Coffee Favs With ‘Feind – A Digital Marketplace For Australian Coffee

“Feind” all your favourite coffee roasters in one place.

It’s no secret, Australia (but especially Melbourne) has some seriously amazing coffee roasters. And now, there is a digital marketplace for you to find all your favourites in one easy place. ‘Feind Coffee, (pronounced like fiend), is a Melbourne-based website that curates a range of coffee roasters from around Australia.

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‘Feind Coffee

There’s something satisfying about making your own coffee. Sure, you can pop into the supermarket and use the same brand everyday, or, you can get creative and explore the coffee roaster space. ‘Feind is a great way for you to begin your creative journey. Whether you use instant coffee, pods, filter or espresso, there is a coffee roaster out there that is perfect for you.

“Often, our wonderful roasters are so focused on their craft, that little time is left for marketing or getting the word out about what they do,” said the ‘Feind team. This website makes it easy to discover brilliant coffee. It also shines a spotlight on roasters doing incredible things, not just with their coffee, but in other ways like sustainability and transparency.

Discover roasters from around the country. Enjoy flavours from the Sunshine Coast with Sundays Coffee. Or, go interstate and try Rumble Coffee Roasters from Melbourne, Pablo & Rusty’s from Sydney or Monastery Coffee from Adelaide.


Passionate coffee lovers created ‘Feind as a way to spread the word about good coffee in Australia. As a result, their specially curated range is constantly growing so you can keep exploring.

‘Feind provides flat rate shipping of $9.95 around Australia, even if you’re buying from multiple roasters around the country.

To explore this online marketplace, click here.

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