This Immersive Play Space Is A Wonderland Of Light, Colour And Sound

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz - Staff Writer

This Immersive Play Space Is A Wonderland Of Light, Colour And Sound

Imaginaria, the hour-long journey through light, sound, and scent, has sold-out sessions when it opened in Melbourne and wowed visitors with its displays. Brisbane has been no different except for the fact that we’ve been treated to eight brand-new rooms in which to lose ourselves within the kaleidoscopic adventure.

This immersive pop-up play space is the work of Loose Collective, a group of designers, architects, audiovisual artists and electronic producers, who have teamed up with other creators, artists and producers to create a wonderland for the senses. And to be honest, we couldn’t be more excited about losing ourselves in what they have created. Over and over again.

The specially designed spaces are meant to be part game, part gallery, and part journey where visitors not only walk through but also interact with what’s going on inside. Thought of as an audio-visual journey from the future, Imaginaria has an anti-gravity space, shimmering light sculptures, a cosmic garden and a white bubble you can enter among other experiences that will test your grasp on reality or present new perspectives.


How you interact with the space is up to you. So, do you go through slowly, find a place to sit and watch others as they wander on by or do you skip along as if you were a kid and have got nothing to lose?

There are magic moments behind every corner, just waiting for you to arrive. Tickets start at $23.95 and the experience will be around until the end of November.

For more information, see their website.

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