Little Red Dumpling Has Opened A New Location In A Church Basement

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Little Red Dumpling Has Opened A New Location In A Church Basement

Location is key at Little Red Dumpling’s newest venue.

When you hear the words ‘church basement’, dumplings don’t automaticallly spring to mind. However, when the church you’re talking about is the old St Luke’s Church Of England in the CBD, which is no longer a functioning church but home to The Pancake Manor, then it’s pretty clear that your first thoughts were wrong.

And keeping with the theme of food, one of Brisbane’s favourite dumpling joints has moved into the premises and opened up their newest venue in the space that used to be a bar in the 70s and 80s. Welcome to the century-old heritage-listed church, Little Red Dumpling.

In the downstairs, split-level area, Little Red Dumpling has styled the space with 30-odd red lanterns dangling from the roof, red booths and wicker chairs to sit in, and exposed brick walls with a bright neon-red sign displaying its name.


If you’ve been to one of Little Red Dumpling’s other venues, then you probably know the menu quite well. If you haven’t, then you’re in church for multiple servings of multiple types of dumplings, obviously. There’s pork chives, prawn, rainbow, chicken and prawn, chicken and cabbage, lamb coriander, vegetarian and dumplings in Mr Zhong’s secret sauce.

But that’s not all. There are also xiao long baos, pan-fried dumplings, wontons, soups, noodles, and save room for dessert too because they’ve got four kinds of buns and pumpkin pancakes too. In terms of drinks, you’ve got beers, wines, spirits with coke, soft drinks and special teas as well.

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