Seventy Per Cent Of Australians Over The Age Of 16 Are Now Fully Vaxxed

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Seventy Per Cent Of Australians Over The Age Of 16 Are Now Fully Vaxxed

Australia has officially passed its first major vaccination milestone.

Today, in very welcome news indeed, Australia has reached a major milestone with over 70 per cent of residents over the age of 16 fully vaccinated and at least 85% vaccinated with one dose.

While Australia’s vaccine rollout started slower than some other countries, it has certainly picked momentum in the last few months with thousands of residents doing their bit daily and bringing us that much closer to some semblance of normality and freedom.

Health Minister Greg Hunt confirmed the news via a press conference earlier today.

“I can officially confirm that Australia has now passed the 70 per cent double-dosed vaccination rate for the 16-plus population,” Mr Hunt said.

“It’s a memorable number, but it’s memorable above all else because it represents the movement at a national level to phase B of our national roadmap.”

The move to phase B will indicate restrictions easing for fully vaccinated residents, lockdowns becoming less likely and international visa holders and residents being able to return to the country.

Details will be announced later in the month.

Australia’s vaccination rate by State

Both ACT and NSW have passed 80 per cent double vaccination rate among eligible adults.


Tasmania is on the verge of hitting 70 per cent double dose with Victoria at 68 per cent.

South Australia and NT are due to hit 60 per cent soon.

Queensland and Western Australia are lagging behind with 57.5 per cent and 56.5 per cent respectively.

You can track the vaccine rollout in real time here.

Lockdown reopening roadmap

The federal government has set a target of 70 per cent and 80 per cent respectively for borders to reopen, lockdowns to end and international travel to resume.

Read more about what you can expect here.

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