You Can Still Sign Up To A Very Special Potions Class At South Bank

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You Can Still Sign Up To A Very Special Potions Class At South Bank

Sign up for potions class today and behold the delicate power of liquids’.

Professor Snape is taking a break, but Potions class continues under the guidance and expertise of The Wizard’s Den pop-up school on Little Stanley Street, where apprentices are given robes and wands to act the part and will be battling against each other for fame and glory. (Featured image: @thewizardsdenau)

Complete challenges and solve mysterious puzzles and riddles for points, bragging rights, and necessary potion ingredients. Then, hope you weren’t distracted by the floating books, bubbles, and spider webs (and also hope you’ve followed the instructions correctly!) and your magical brew comes out smelling, tasting and performing as you had desired. Otherwise, who knows what will happen or who you will become.

Although there are some family-friendly sessions, classes are for adults only and last 90 minutes. Each class includes a warming mead or mulled wine, two super-secret potions to master and many mystical prizes to be won. For star students, there’ll be plenty of time to sample some of the potion master’s other potent potions.


Classes ($45) have begun and will run through until 26 September. To make sure you don’t miss out, sign up for a class today.

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