Mark Wahlberg’s Burger Chain Is Opening In Brisbane This Year

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Mark Wahlberg’s Burger Chain Is Opening In Brisbane This Year

Marky Mark and his brothers are bringing Wahlburgers to Australia.

The burger restaurant is the creation of the Wahlberg Brothers: film star Mark, once of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (put it into Youtube if you’re too young to remember), Donnie, formerly of New Kids on the Block (again, Youtube ’em), and Paul, who as far as we know has never been in a band, which has us thinking he missed out on something growing up. However, he is the man behind the menu and probably the most crucial brother for their newest adventure. (Featured image: @wahlburgers)


The Wahlberg brothers, from left to right: Donnie, Paul, and Mark. Image: @wahlburgers

This is all thanks to the Mustaca family, owners of United Cinemas, who sweet-talked Mark (and possibly his brothers, too) into the $50m deal to bring Wahlburgers down under. We’ll be seeing stand-alone restaurants, as well as in-cinema locations, pop up with up to 20 planned across Australia and New Zealand.

The first is planned for Sydney’s CBD, most likely in the tourist hotspot of Circular Quay. Melbourne will follow with the most likely location being at United Cinema’s Cragieburn location and then Brisbane. Perth’s Rockingham cinema will see Western Australia’s first Wahlburger’s.


The cinema-themed burger chain—because of course it is—regularly releases exclusive cinema content back in the US with access to movie trailers ahead of the rest.

Image: @wahlburgers

No word yet on the Wahlburger favourites which will make the trip south. The US menu is unsurprisingly heavy on American classics, but with some more exotic fare like the Thanksgiving Turkey Burger and a decent range of sandwiches. The ‘Wahl sauce’ also makes a fair few appearances, but frankly, we’ve got no idea what’s in it. Salads and sides (such as the distinctly American tater tots) might make the trip too.

The burger chain currently has over 50 locations, predominately across the US.

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