This Is Where To Find All The Juicy Secret Brisbane Content That’s MIA On Facebook

Secret Brisbane Secret Brisbane

This Is Where To Find All The Juicy Secret Brisbane Content That’s MIA On Facebook

We’re still waiting to be reinstated.

When Facebook pulled the plug on Australia last week, a whole heap of pages got caught in the crossfire and were taken offline. Australian’s reacted with gifs and memes, and have had a good laugh but many pages, including ours, are still on hold. When they’ll be back online, we’re not so sure. (Featured image:@brisbanelocalmarketing)

However, we totally understand that not everyone loves Facebook. And not everyone uses it. Probably less so now, which is why we have been posting our content—articles like The Brisbane Ice Cream Festival Returns To West Village This March And Entry Is Free, This Is What You Can Expect From The Final Piece Of The La Costa Puzzle Opening On Friday, and 500 Years Of European Art Will Call Brisbane’s QAGOMA Home While The Met Is Renovated—on Instagram since before Facebook’s ban wiped out all news from the continent.

So, if you jumped on the #deletefacebook train or are diversifying from where you get your entertainment info, here’s where you can find all the juicy Secret Brisbane content that’s been MIA on Facebook since Thursday.


Yes, we know, Facebook owns Instagram. But some companies within bigger companies do their own thing and we’re hoping that this remains the case with Instagram.

Besides, Instagram is much better than Facebook.


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