This Giant Humanoid By Artist Amanda Parer Is Showing Up In Brisbane

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This Giant Humanoid By Artist Amanda Parer Is Showing Up In Brisbane

It’s landing at Portside Wharf!

We’re no stranger to famed artist Amanda Parer’s works. They have popped up all around the world including here in Australia at such festivals as Beyond The Sand on Surfers Paradise as well as part of this year’s Brisbane Festival starting on September 3. But before then, another of the Australian’s installations will be popping up in town and this one is (also) huge!

What’s That is a five-metre tall giant humanoid that is part of Parer’s larger collection of figures titled Fantastic Planet. Inspired by the 1973 Czech/ French film Fantastic Planet (French: La Planète Sauvage)—an animated dystopian tale narrating the relationship between the small human-like Oms and their much larger blue-skinned oppressors, the Draags—the installations dwarf and humble us as we look up at them.

“Scale is a very important factor in this work in that the artist is allowing the audience to hopefully experience a moment of humility and reflection amongst these large but peaceful giants, a sense that we as a species rarely get to feel.” – Amanda Parer.

At night, What’s That will be completely illuminated as it crouches down to look at those beneath it. Or, you can go during the day to see the giant figure against the river backdrop for more incredible perspectives. Aside from the phenomenal sensation that What’s That evokes, it also makes for a great photo opportunity (and picture for your IG feed if that’s what you’re into).


Coming from a land far far away, What’s That arrives at Portside Wharf on 31 August and will remain until September 26. Find more info here.

If you’ve never seen Fantastic Planet, take a look at the trailer here.

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