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7 Of The Best Home Christmas Light Displays On Show This Festive Season

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7 Of The Best Home Christmas Light Displays On Show This Festive Season

Christmas lights are the best kind of lights.

Every year there are some neighbourly neighbours that go above and beyond throwing up a cable of fairy lights, sticking up some festive words, and calling their Christmas light display complete. Instead, they meticulously plan their display days, weeks or even months in advance like the best designers do, and when the time strikes they get to work setting up and decorating. And once they’re done, they sit back, relax and watch the faces of children and adults light up as they stand in awe at the dazzling display of light and colour. (Featured image: @souvenirpixels)

Reasons abound as to why these neighbourhood heroes light up their homes but no matter why, we just know that they spread the joy and we love it. Find here some of the best home Christmas light displays around Brisbane so you can jump in the car and go marvel at all the bright lights flashing and twinkling in the night.

1. Mondial Drive and Carlingford Circuit, Warner

The Cleetus family on Carlingford Circuit have decorated their front yard as an enchanted garden complete with Christmas videos and carols on a big screen for kids and adults to enjoy. Their fabulous display aims to raise awareness for homelessness in Australia by supporting the Orange Sky Australia, a platform for every day Australians to connect through a regular laundry and shower service.

Over on Mondial Drive, the Christmas light display is supporting the Children’s Hospital Foundation. There’s a nativity scene to see, a roof packed with lights, and a walk-in display to check out.

10 Mondial Drive

🕓 6pm – 9:30pm

73 Carlingford Circuit

🕓 6:30pm – 9pm

2. Annette Street, Tingalpa

This neighbourly display of Christmas joy might not be the biggest in town, but it certainly packs a pretty punch. The garden has been fenced off with multi-coloured fairy lights but you can walk up the driveway to get a closer look at all the decorations. We recommend a walk down Candy Cane Lane and a photo in front of the six-foot Olaf.

62 Annette Street

🕓 7pm – 10pm

3. 30 Lennon Drive, Windaroo

Santa’s Magical Wonderland at Lennon Drive is so bright that it’s like you’re up at the snow on a sunny day without sunglasses. In 2018, it was the winner of the 4KQ Overall Best Brisbane Lights. Well worth a visit once again.

30 Lennon Drive

🕓 7pm – 10pm

4. Minimine Street, Stafford

Santa in Stafford travels by hot-air balloon. At least, that’s what he’s in on Minimine Street. There’s also a giant inflatable reindeer, snowman and a second Santa waving at visitors but these will only be seen on Friday and Saturday nights (weather permitting). The light display, like the inflatables, is massive and is a clear reminder to the judges of the 4KQ that this was one of their favourites in North Brissy in both 2018 and 2019. These guys are also support Guide Dogs Queensland.

27 Minimine Street


🕓 7pm – 9:30pm

5. Rholanda Crescent, Springwood

Although it could probably do with more music, this southside Brissy Christmas light display is wonderful. The Christmas lights wrapping around all the palm trees makes for a beautiful sight.

69 Rholanda Crescent

🕓6:30pm  – 10pm

6. Kempsie Road, Upper Mount Gravatt

If you dare, walk under the house to find Santa’s lair. Just joking, but if you do go under the house, you will find Santa’s workshop. Otherwise, the yard is chock-a-block of lights and Christmas ornaments that trying to spot them all would take you days.

101 Kempsie Road

🕓 7pm – 10pm

7. Lane Court, Mount Warren Park

When it comes to synchronised Christmas light displays, sometimes you can feel a little let down by the variety. At Lane Court, though, there’s an Aussie carol, a Bublé number, and a bit of dubstep for the teens. Our favourite part, though, has got to be the crescent moon with a Santa hat on solely because we’ve never seen it before.

11 Lane Court

🕓 7pm – 10pm

Raising Awareness and Funds

Children’s Hospital Foundation

Guide Dogs Queensland

RSL Raemus Rover Racing Team for Veterans

To find more Christmas light displays around Brisbane, use the Australia Christmas Lights Map

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