12 Awesome Activities To Do In Brisbane This January

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12 Awesome Activities To Do In Brisbane This January

January, January, January…

Christmas has come and gone, the new year is here, and we’re in the middle of summer—what’s not to love? (Okay, we know exactly what’s not to love this time around the Sun, like our snap lockdown this weekend.) (Featured image: @aitchjames_)

But Brisbane, in January, is a heap of fun with plenty to see and do. Here’s our pick of awesome activities for you to do this January.

1. See a movie under the stars

The four advanced screenings showing at Moonlight Cinemas this January are Promising Young Woman, Music by Sia, Penguin Bloom, and The Dry.

2. Test your mettle with this virtual escape room

Stuck at home?

There are plenty of online escape rooms that’ll let you escape, but we reckon we’ve found one of the best yet: The Wonder Cave.

3. Vote for your fav Aussie gin and then drink it

Head over to the Hottest 100 Gins of 2020 to vote for your favourite (actually your top five). And secondly, make sure you get your ticket for their Hottest 100 Gins of 2020 countdown taking place on Sunday, 24 January.

4. Experience a Candlelight Concert

This summer, Brisbane’s Candlelight Concerts will take place on the lawns at Events on Oxlade, where the sounds of Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, and Chopin will fill the air before floating over the river. And if vintage classical music isn’t quite your jam, then soundtrack your night with musical scores from famous films like Harry Potter, Forrest Gump, and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

5. Eat some saucy chicken wings

Ranging from mild to hot to turbocharged, the new thirteen limited edition sauces are dropping on Tuesday, 1 December and will be available throughout the summer until Sunday, 28 February.

6. Stay in and watch Nic Cage

It’s called History of Swear Words, and for a show which deals with the inexpressible joy and societal taboo of swearing, there can be only one appropriate host: actor, meme inspirer, and inventor of the ‘Nouveau Shamanic’ school of acting, Nicolas Cage.

7. Sweeten your summer gatherings


If you like Giña Coladas and dancing in the kitchen at home, or if Espresso Martinis are your weakness and sweetness is your escape, then this summer has just gotten a whole lot better with the damn-good news that Cocktail Porter has teamed up with gelato gurus Messina to deliver you one of two very special cocktail kits. Or deliver you both, if that’s how you’re feeling.

8. Putt around the greens with your favourite Disney characters

With Disney’s Pixar-themed putt-putt course returning for round two—this time with more characters and a new-and-improved course—you just know that a putt around the green is going to be more than just hitting balls into a hole. It’s going to be an adventure full of laughs no matter the age you are.

9. Go to gin school and make your own

The obvious progression when it comes to alcohol is to go from drinking it to making it.

Thankfully, there’s a place here in Brisbane where you can do exactly that without needing to fork out for a warehouse and all the special equipment needed to produce quality liquor.

10. Go out for a bottomless brunch

Bottomless brunches are great.

They’re great because they allow you time to sit, eat, drink and converse with your friends, which is what sharing a meal is all about.

Also, eating is not supposed to be rushed and weekends are meant to be enjoyed, so what better way to do so than by celebrating life and friendships by eating and drinking, and then ordering another round for the table at no extra cost?

11. Go overseas without ever leaving Brisbane

No passports and no airfares required, just the right mindset.

Thanks to Australian Venue Co transforming twenty of their outstanding bars and restaurants around Australia into international holiday destinations, Aussies will now be able to go on a ”summer staycation”.

12. Celebrate food at Brisbane’s favourite foodie paradise

With 70-plus containers at Eat Street fitted out into food stalls, there’s plenty on offer, and choosing what to tuck into first, like figuring out where to eat next, is an exercise that takes time and energy.

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