It’s Springtime And A Chandon Garden Is Now Blooming By The River · Riverbar & Kitchen

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It’s Springtime And A Chandon Garden Is Now Blooming By The River · Riverbar & Kitchen

Riverbar & Kitchen’s Chandon Garden has arrived with spritzes!

Riverbar & Kitchen is well-known for its seasonal pop-ups as well as its special events. From winter lodges with fire pits, fondues and sweet treats to ice-cold beers and big-screen TVs in the summer for all the tennis action, we cannot stop flocking to it. It’s even got prime views of the fireworks too. Well, spring is no different and the latest pop-up incarnation is here.

Riverbar & Kitchen’s Spring Chandon Garden has not only brought a touch of lush greenery and plenty of floral delights to the riverside, but it’s also brought with it plenty of spritzes to add a hint of effervescence to the warmer weather. There’s even one that’s so big it’s made to share.


But first, the Spruced with Spritz high tea because it’s a luxe spread perfect for a waterfront lunch. Available every day from 10-3pm, the high tea includes macarons, churros with chocolate hazelnut sauce, crumbed chicken sliders, cured salmon and cream cheese crostinis, plus your choice of spritz from the Chandon Garden menu.

What’s on Riverbar & Kitchen’s Spring Chandon Garden Cocktail Menu?

First up is the namesake of the pop-up—sparkling wine with orange bitters, served over ice with orange and rosemary. But then, if you’re looking for a bit of a twist on the classic, you can opt for Lively Spritz made with Chandon Garden Spritz, Regal Rogue Lively White, mango, soda, mint and orange or the Riverbar 75, a gin-based spritz made with Chandon Garden Spritz, lemon, and mint.

But what about that one spritz so big it’s meant to be shared?


The Walk in the Tropics could be said to be the perfect tropical drink. Made with the Chandon Garden Spritz as a base and then combined with 42 Below passionfruit vodka, peach, passionfruit, soda, mint and orange, you’re going to have to try it to find out.

What else is on at the Chandon Garden?

Spring is also the time of the race that stops the nation so if you’re keen on somewhere to watch the Melbourne Cup, then you’ll be able to do that too while taking in the sweeping views of the Brisbane River.

Making a reservation is highly recommended as the Chandon Garden at Riverbar & Kitchen is sure to be blooming all the way through until the end of spring.

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